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Diana stealthily moved through the dense undergrowth with the grace of a jungle cat.  The fern leaves and moss obscured her view of her escaping prey.  She caught glimpses of its dark green tail as it moved ahead of her.  She was pursuing one of the dreaded constrictors that had been preying upon fishing villages nearby.  The proliferation of magical artifacts had helped in the accidental creation of the beasts.  Not much larger than the other huge pythons in the area, the creatures had developed tough hides, and very strong muscles.  The one she was tracking was the largest she had ever seen, being at least 20 feet long.  Even with her exceptional abilities, she would have to be careful in her approach, and ensuing conflict with the monster.  

She tracked it for twenty minutes or so, before suddenly losing track of it.  She found herself in a small clearing, only lit by gaps in the treetops above.  The amazon princess scanned her surroundings, beginning to feel like she was being watched.  Standing in the beams of light from overhead, the curvacious raven haired beauty was poised for a fight.  

The attack came from behind, as she expected.  The huge reptile lashed out from the bushes, attempting to bite her in the face.  The amazon skillfully grabbed its snapping jaws with lightning speed, just as it was about to complete its bite.  They fought in this awkward position for a few moments, before the snake tried its only play.  It quickly tried to coil around her, but before it could make any progress, she got a perfect grip, and used her superhuman strength to violently rip its lower jaw off.  The huge animal bucked and twitched, thick blood spraying from its mouth, before slumping lifeless in the ivy.

Wonder Woman stood triumphant over her fallen foe.  She didn’t revel in killing, but it was necessary to protect the nearby townsfolk.  She leaned down to inspect the huge snake, and noticed a small pink flower near her ankle that was appearing to open before her eyes.  Just as she recognized the threat, it was too late.  A small organic dart shot forth from the flower and hit her in the lower leg.  Diana quickly snatched the small spike out of her leg, leaving a pinprick red spot.  It was too late, she already began feeling lethargic, and dizzy.  Her knees feeling weak, the beautiful super heroine fell to the ground.  

The dart poison from the infamous quill flower was a very dangerous chemical, lethal to the average human.  Luckily for the amazon princess, her body was far too resilient for a mere poison to shut down.  She was still conscious, but extremely weakened.  Unfortunately for her, she was also not alone.  Hearing the commotion, a second snake was quietly making its approach.  Smaller in length and mass than the first snake, it would normally be no match for the skilled heroine.  It cautiously slithered within a few feet of the vulnerable princess, and reared up to strike.

Wonder Woman pulled off and threw her tiara with all of her might.  The crown flew through the air with a crack, but missed the beasts head by mere inches.  The throw was immediately followed up by a lash from her famed golden lasso.  The sparkling whip seemed to cause a deal of pain, but the reptile was faster and stronger than the heroine in her weakened state.  It simply began coiling around the amazon.  She fought as hard as she could, but the amazon princess was no match for the large snake in her current status.  It had coiled around her completely in a matter of seconds, and was beginning to constrict her with a huge amount of force.  

The constrictor’s method of killing its prey was to squeeze it to death, via asphyxiation, or crushing.  Even with Wonder Woman weakened by poison, the snake was still having a hard time doing its job.  The snake used every ounce of its strength, and was able to restrain her, but no more.  They rolled and fought for several minutes, before the snake decided to try something else.

Diana felt the snake loosen its grip for just a second, before everything went dark.  With a wet slap, the snake snapped its jaws over her head.  The beast still had the amazons whole head in its mouth.  Its teeth poked, but did not puncture the amazons resilient skin.  Its tongue caressed her face and neck, and she struggled even harder to breath with her head engulfed.  Thick drool dribbled down her body, and she was thrashing wildly to free herself.  With surprising ease, it began working its stretching maw around her shoulders, one at a time.  The rough outline of her shoulders and head was visible through its body.  The struggling super heroine was trying to scream at this point, but all that could be heard was a muffled “ggggrrrrmmmmphhh”.  As another minute or so went by, the snake had forced the squirming amazon into its mouth, all the way down to her midsection.  

At this point, it released its coils entirely, and began using all of its strength to complete its meal.  The heroines thrashing legs and shapely ass were all that was still outside of the snakes body, with the exception of her hands grasping fruitlessly at her waist.  The snake pulled hard with its throat muscles, and her round ass disappeared down the snakes gullet, leaving another shapely bulge in its throat.  Her lower legs still free, the once proud woman kicked frantically like a helpless damsel.  Drool and spit were coating her entire body, and the snakes throat held her weak body tightly.  She continued to scream, but only pathetic muffled sounds made it through the snakes skin and fat.  With another pull, only her wriggling feet remained outside the beasts maw.  After a short moment of hesitation, the snake pulled her feet in, and swallowed hard.  A long wet gulping noise could be heard as it completed its swallowing process.  The large screaming bulge slowly traveled to the rough center of the huge reptile, stretching the skin and ribs as it went.  Every once in a while, an attempted kick or thrashing would cause the lump to change shape momentarily, before the stomach walls forced the prey back into submission.  The snake tasted the air a few times, and proceeded back to its favorite hiding spot to digest.  This meal would take some time to fully process.

Two weeks had gone by, and a large snake slithered out from its hideaway.  It seemed lively and full of energy.  Its freshly shed scales the sign of a very nutritious meal, it was almost shining in the sun beams.  After pausing in a clearing,  it let out a wet hacking noise, and regurgitated a drool covered and miscolored pair of magical bracelets.  

                                     The end!                
Very similar to a previous story, but I liked the idea!  Sorry if this isnt up to my usual quality, I didn't feel quite as inspired writing it :(  I might go back and tweak it a bit if I am feeling adventurous.
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mikeg741 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
Fantastic !  I loved her defeating the first one and falling to the flower.  I love seeing Wonder Woman defeated with some small mistake or just some bad luck like that !  Thank you for sharing !
blabla77777 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it!
lbf522 Featured By Owner May 31, 2014
Very good. i liked it.
blabla77777 Featured By Owner May 31, 2014
Thank you!
spacebabes Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love this story!  Love Wonder Woman being swallowed by a snake theme as well!  
blabla77777 Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
WonderCuria-DD Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Wow. that was incredible!!! thank you :)
blabla77777 Featured By Owner May 24, 2014
I really appreciate it!
pwntodeath Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
I think you should add more to this or add a sequel I liked it!
blabla77777 Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
Not sure what else to add for our beautiful amazon.  She doesnt really exist in this story arc anymore(at least not in the same state :P).  I suppose one of her super hot heroine friends could come looking for her.  I need a little break from snakes though!
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